It was about 6 years ago when we first met. And it was about 6 days ago when he passed away.

We’ve barely talked. But I don’t know why I remember so well about our first conversation, it’s about music. He introduced me to the music I’ve never listened to before. His list of artists and bands was like a beginning for me to discover the others. Music had slowly start to grow on me for the past few years without me knowing it and suddenly turned into my obsession nowadays.

We both graduated from the same college last year. After that, we’ve met few times, and again, we’ve barely talked. Until few weeks ago I’ve accidentally met him, didn’t expect that it would be the last time. He knew that I was recently forming a band and I was new to all electronic instruments. As we talked, I didn’t realise before that he owned a lot of it and he told me that he would lend me his instruments and also would like to come to my gigs. I thanked him and I told him I’d let him know. But it’s too late. On the very same day I had a gig, he’s gone forever. He will never get to come to my gigs and I will never get to borrow his instruments. But I will never forget that he inspired me a lot. He was like a little light that guides me to walk on the music path. It meant a lot to me and I hope he hears me now. Sleep well, my friend. I should have talked to you more.

In reality it is impossible for humans like us to not use our eyesight to judge things on appearance. It is not wrong, but in the arts and music, we should not use only our eyesight for judgement and understanding. 

In this exhibition, we want you to understand the core of our identities. However we cannot make you understand it if you depend only on your eyes to see and judge our work. Therefore, we urge you to listen to your heart and use your emotions to appreciate our work in the same manner that we used to create them, by using our inner feelings as our guide. We decided to remove our sense of sight in working on this piece, effectively, we were working blind. 

With this mindset, we consulted eye specialists in Thailand and all around Asia. Having obtained a new perception of eyesight and a deeper understanding of looking inwards, these became the inspiration and motivation in creating the massive piece titled “Third Eye” 

All of the proceeds, not just profits, will go towards municipalities related to furthering the careers of the blind. Contact :

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